Most frequent questions and answers

The South African Boerboel has a fabulous temperment for both companion and working lifestyles. With the proper training, exercise, and socialization, your new furever friend can be anything you allow them to be!

The South African Boerboel comes from… well, South Africa! They were originally bred for herding and farming, but are now also used for guarding, service work, and much more!

YES – they are a Giant working breed whose original purpose was to protect farms and families from the huge predators of the African plains. They are also referred to as South African Mastiffs.

A male Boerboel can grow to be anywhere from 150-180 lbs with a height of 24-27 inches; a bitch (on average) will fall between 125-160 lbs with a height of 22-25 inches.

Exercise’ for a Boerboel should be an umbrella term that means both physical AND mental stimulation. We cannot stress enough that this is a working breed that will require a dedicated owner willing to put genuine time into these animals. Your dog should be getting a minimum of 2 hours of regimented physical exercise, as well as a minimum of 1 hour of stimulating training per day.
Remember- a tired dog is a happy dog!

Like most short haired breeds, Boerboels are fairly low maintenance. A daily brush with a curry comb will keep their coats smooth and shiny. You should bathe your dog every 6-10 weeks, and nail trimming or grinding should be performed at that time as well. Their ears should be cleaned with a mild, alcohol-free cleanser and checked for debris or signs of infection on a regular basis. We also recommend a preventative dental health regime that includes brushing their teeth as often as possible while providing a variety of dental chews and toys to scrap plaque from the gum line and prevent tartar from forming.

Appropriate diets for giant breeds is something that has been and is currently still being debated throughout the canine community.
Our dogs are fed a scientifically formulated ‘Raw’ diet that includes bone- in raw meat, raw fruits. We do also combine it with dryfood. Its a mixture out of everything. Each dog will be fed individually.

The big build dictates the amount of food these dogs need, too, in addition to its type. You should be aware of the financial aspect of feeding a Boerboel. Not only that they require high-grade food, but they need a lot of it. It can be a bit much for your budget if you aren’t prepared. These dogs will need big bowls of food to thrive and that always costs more than most pet owners anticipate. 

Boerboels are one of the most wonderful pets you can possibly own. If you’re currently looking for the perfect type of dog to buy for yourself or a loved one, you may want to consider getting a Boerboel.
But remember all the FAQ´s and the lifelong responsibility for your Boerboel.

If you have more questions, don´t be afraid to ask?!