Boerboel Kopf

The head is an impressive and a distinctive feature of the Boerboel. It should be blocky, broad, deep, square and muscular, with well filled cheeks and in proportion to the body. Moderate wrinkling is observed over the forehead when the dog shows interest. The most important feature of the Boerboel is its head. It represents its total character.

The head is short, broad, deep, square and muscular with well-filled cheeks. The part between the eyes must be well filled.

Overall, the Boerboel’s head is a striking symbol of its powerful and resolute nature.

  • Top-line of the head/occiput
    The top of the head is broad and flat, with prominent muscle development.
  • Face
    The face should blend symmetrically with the head, and can be with or without black
  • Stop
    The stop should be visible, but not prominent.
  • Muzzle
    The muzzle is black with large nostrils that are widely spaced.
  • Nasal bone
    The nasal bone is straight and parallel to the top-line of the head. It is deep, broad and it tapers slightly to the front. The nasal bone should be 8 – 10 cm long.
  • Lips
    The upper lip is loose and fleshly, and should not hang lower than the lower jaw. The upper lip (beneath the muzzle) should cover the lower lip.
  • Jaws
    The jaws (mandibles) are strong, deep and broad, and narrows slightly to the front.
  • Teeth
    Teeth should be white, well developed, correctly spaced; a complete set (42 teeth), and should have a scissors bite.
  • Eyes
    The color of the eyes can be any shade of brown, but darker than the pelt. Eyes should be horizontally set. It should be broad-spaced with firm, well-pigmented eyelids.
  • Ears
    The ears should be of medium size, v-shaped and should be in proportion to the head. They are set fairly high and wide against the head. When the dog is interested, the ears should form a straight line with the top of the head.