South African Boerboel female

– Koni Lou 90,9% –

Koni-Lou Boerboel Hündin

Lou is a trustworthy and reliable companion she is a fearless and confident dog. Koni Lou is a medium sized dog, but her most distinct outward trait is her correctness combined with her width. She is a very strong and athletic female where perfect feminnity were preserved. Lou is very strong in head, neck, top, chest, rump and legs. She has a tight coat.

  • Lou is extremely protective of our children and family members
  • She is loving our family but is aware and distrustful of other people
  • She is very relaxed, is staying inside the house and can be also outside at the night time
  • We rate her one of the best females we ever had

Koni Lou´s father is Tokara Tambo (97,20 %), one of a million Boerboels in the world, people say. Her mom is also amazing, is Mes Kayla (83,00 %) … We are proud of both!

The Boerboel is not at all for a novice owner and an inexperienced owner. They are also not suitable for an apartment as they need big space to roam around. An experienced owner who is confident and can establish a firm leadership and consistency can get this dog.

Facts and fictions

  • Entropium free
  • Ektropium free
  • Vaginalprolaps free

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Gender: Female
Call Name: Lou
Born: August 17, 2018
Hips: A2/A2
Elbows: R0 / L0
Height: 62 cm
Weight: 64 kg

Boerboel Europe Appraisal 2018 Top female

NABBA Appraisal 2021 – 90,9%

Local Dog Show – female of the day

Breeding female