Dog Food

Species-appropriate, healthy dog food from German production

We have gained a lot of experience over decades and obtained a lot of opinions from our buyers, and our decisions have been made …

Our criteria and those of our customers were very simple:

  • high meat content (in dry and wet food)
  • made in Germany
  • free from sugar and soy
  • optionally also grain-free, gluten-free and / or lactose-free
  • without artificial additives, flavorings and preservatives
  • Pet food without animal testing (PETA list)!
  • clearly visible ingredients
  • a justified price
  • High Quality

What other positive things came up:

  • German family company, founded in 1992 in the Allgäu
  • optionally also BIO wet food for dogs – meat, breeding farms, raw materials
  • natural and GMO-free raw materials
  • cold-pressed dry food (as many nutrients as possible)
  • unique algae mixture for a mineral balance of the body
  • high-quality herbs that are micronized very gently (can be better absorbed by the body)
  • no slaughterhouse waste
Boerboel Reico-Vital MaxiDog Olymp
Boerboel Reico-Vital MaxiDog Olymp

Reico dog food inquiries

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