FATHER: Tokara Tambo 97,20 %

South African Boerboel male

(Vater von unserer Koni Lou 90,9 %)

South African Boerboel male named “Tambo”.

Tambos Mom is Spitsvuur Siska (82,70 %) an outstanding female from on of the world best´s breeders Lukas van Vuuren. Tambo´s father is SpitsvuurTokara Drifter (91,10 %).

This imposing Boerboel has a broad and blocky head, powerful jaws, and thick muscles from neck to rump mark. In motion he is very agile and well balanced. He was the perfect stud for MES Kayla and others. His offspring is amazing. He is a double up on Cabaret Pavarotti (93,30 %).

Tambo, like his grandpa Spitsvur Ramkat (94,70 %)., is a very, very good mover. He is very light on his feet and he has got a kind temperament.

Facts and fictions

Tokara Tambo Pedigree

A word of honor

Thank you very much Mauro to get our lovely “power Lou (90,9 %)” from the last litter!


  • Gender
  • Call Name
  • Born
    April 2015, 01
  • Hips
    A / A
  • Elbows
    0 / 0
  • Height
    76 cm
  • Dam
    Spitsvuur Siska SABT 82,70 %
  • Sire
    Spitsvuur Tokara Drifter SABT 91,10 %
  • Weight
    96 kg


  • TOPP of the TOPP
  • One in a million
  • NABBA 97,20 %