MOTHER: MES Kayla 83,00%

South African Boerboel female

(mother of our Koni Lou)

MES KAYLA is a large dog, but her most distinct outward trait is her correctness combined with her width. She is a very strong and compact female where perfect feminnity were preserved. MES KAYLA is very strong in head, neck, top, chest, rump and legs. As mother she is a very good mom and does a perfect job to her pups.

MES Kayla´s father is Middelpos Alpha (97,90 %), one of the best Boerboels in the world, people say. Her mom is also amazing, its Rhenosterspruit Layla (91,10 %) … We are proud of both!.

After all the above accolades, it will not come as a surprise that we rate MES KAYLA as one of the best we ever sawn out of our friends kennel. Her wonderful temperament just adds to our love for her.

Facts and fictions

MES Kayla Pedigree

A word of honor

Thank you very much Mauro to get our lovely power Lou from the last litter!


  • Gender
  • Call Name
  • Born
    May 20, 2015
  • Height
    60 cm
  • Weight
    64 kg


  • Dog of the day Rom 2018
  • NABBA 92,90 %
  • SABT 83,00 %